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Time, An Important Business Resource

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Days are like money and that is why I liken it to high return investments.

If they are not planned, they have the ability to disappear. In
order to take control of your time and learn how to manage it, you need to
prioritize your duties, and to eliminate the habit of spending time in vain.

plan your day

Have you desired to prepare for an important meeting in the morning? But opened
the email and realized that it was already noon? Have you found yourself in such a
situation? If yes, then this piece is just for you.

Critically evaluate your day
Spend a week, tracking your duties and the time that was spent on them. You will
probably be shocked at how much time you spend on a worthless actions.

Calculate the time
Divide your responsibilities into several broad categories: family, work, hobbies,
home, fitness, relationships, and others. And also highlight the three main goals
you want to achieve in each category.

Be selective
Mercilessly kiss goodbye to those tasks that do not help you to move towards your
goal. You should not finish a book that you are absolutely not interested in just
because you want to finish the reading of it. After all, you spend more time and
nerves on the things that you do not like.

Make up a plan
On a blank daily calendar register the time for your sleep, and then all the everyday actions that you perform. For example, transportation in Nigeria is a hassle so I set my alarm to book a ride so I don’t forget. Also register the time of the work and the meetings, the time that you plan to spend with family, sports. Set your time according to your priorities and goals.

Also register the time on the calendar when you will schedule timetable for the next week.
In conclusion, time tends to pass really fast when it is not planned, and we end up not achieving or completing our assigned tasks in due time. However, if there is a laid out plan and there are activities and leisure plan fixed into every hour of the day and this plan is followed strictly, then you can be rest assured that there won’t be any case of time wastage.