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Deposition Solutions

Deposition Solutions

Experience. Expertise. Esquire.

We understand that your choice of a provider is never taken lightly. You need a balance between industry-leading capabilities and the kind of local support that brings peace of mind. Only Esquire Solutions delivers both, backed by unrivaled talent and leading technologies that prove you’ve chosen the best.

Schedule online with EsquireConnect. Review a video transcript and create a compelling Microsoft PowerPoint presentation with EsquireView. Finally, review a synchronized video transcript in Esquire's online repository and share relevant video clips with your team by using EsquireShare. Esquire is built to deliver more, so that you can do more.

We are proud to announce that in addition to the ASCII text format Esquire now delivers our electronic transcripts in the new enhanced electronic transcript format. It looks exactly like the printed transcript, but it enables you to do far more. Learn how much more.

Now in most cases we deliver deposition summaries with our transcripts. The summary, prepared by trained legal professionals, enables your team to start its research immediately upon receiving the final transcript.

Esquire Solutions has the nation’s largest base of court reporters and videographers with depth of experience spanning cases of virtually any type, size and scope, including construction litigation. Add our sixty offices in twenty-two states and Washington, DC, a worldwide deposition room network and your choice of four scheduling options, and depository services, and you can count on Esquire Solutions to manage your next deposition – or the next fifty – with speed and consistency found nowhere else.

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To learn more about Esquire Deposition Solutions, simply reach out to your local Esquire office.

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